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In addition to staff offices, Arlington Economic Development hosts many additional services out of the main office. Below is a brief summary:

Office BuildingMain Office

Arlington Economic Development
1100 N. Glebe Road, Suite 1500
Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: (703) 228-0808
Fax: (703) 228-0804
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Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
AED is closed on weekends and government holidays

Arlington Business Center

The Arlington Business Center hosts meetings and events for public and private organizations, companies and groups affiliated with Arlington Economic Development (AED). The Center offers a choice of meeting or event venues based on audio-visual needs and space requirements. For more information on the Arlington Business Center, including availability, capacity and services, please contact our Events Manager:

Contact: Melissa O'Connor
Phone: (703) 228-0826
BizLaunch, Arlington's Small Business Network

Demonstrating Arlington County's commitment to business development, BizLaunch delivers research assistance, business advice, loan information and more to local businesses. For more information on BizLaunch services and events, please contact:

Contact: Tara Palacios
Phone: (703) 228-0853

Incubator AMERICA

Incubator AMERICA, an international business incubator, nurtures foreign companies wishing to locate and expand their business to the United States. Incubator AMERICA's services are made possible through a partnership between Arlington Economic Development (AED), Mason Enterprise Center (MEC), and Source Office Suites.

Participating companies in Incubator AMERICA enjoy ready-to-use office space, direct access to university and technical resources and exposure to potential business partners and clients. Companies may also take advantage of ongoing evaluation business development plans, and a comprehensive orientation to American business practices.

Contact: Sindy Yeh
Phone: (703) 228-0858

World Cities Alliance

The World Cities Alliance (WCA) is an international joint venture designed to perform advanced economic development in locations throughout the world. The joint venture is a collaboration between professional ecoconomic development organizations (EDPartners) and corporations (CorporatePartners), both with a shared business mission to promote and facilitate international commerce. Economic development represents regions in principal business-center regions throughout the world. Business is represented by leading corporations that provide products and services to firms engaged in international commerce.

Contact: Sindy Yeh
Phone: (703) 228-0818

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